The Power of Prevention Summitt
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The Power of Prevention Summitt

PARENTING YOUR TEEN: NAVIGATING REAL-LIFE SITUATIONS FACILITATOR: Steve Maguire, M.Ed. PROTECTIVE FACTORS: Strong family bond; Skills, opportunities and recognition; Clear family expectations and consequences This highly interactive workshop is geared to parents and caregivers of 7-12th grade students. Should my kids sleep over other people's houses? What do I do if my kids go to a house where young people are drinking and the parents know about it? How do I talk to other parents about role modeling positive behavior? Can teenagers say no and still have friends? We will explore these and other important parenting questions that can help everybody in the community get better at our most important job! Format for this workshop will include an overview of the positive parenting principles of Rules, Monitoring, and Consequences. Parents and caregivers will then work in small groups to apply this framework to reallife situations, based on their children's developmental stage. Participants will benefit from hearing from other parents who have been through this recently, or are navigating these waters currently, as they develop their strategies for their own family.

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