Summer Camps Change Lives

Energize, Strategize, Maximize

Steve's unique blend of camp and teaching experience make him the perfect fit to train your resident or day summer camp. He offers Pre-Season Training, Mid-Summer Slump / Energize Training, C.I.T. Training and Full / Half Day Camp Evaluations. Steve has worked with over 800 different summer camps across the United States since 2004 and has a strong following of loyal clients. 

Steve’s pre-season staff week trainings are incredibly popular. They are an awesome blend of professional content, humor and experiential learning that all of your staff will better for having experienced. It is a unique mix of moving, audio-visual, small group work and large group dynamics that sets Steve’s work apart from others.


Keynote Address/Conference Speaker

Keep It Simple

Steve is a nationally recognized Keynote speaker, having given over 100 Keynote addresses to camp conferences and school districts across the United States. His “Keep it Simple” message blended with his humor and perspective are the perfect fit for your conference!


Full & Half Day Camp EVALUATIONS

Sometimes when all we see is ourselves, we lose sight of who we are.

Are you ready to open the doors of your camp and make your entire organization better for doing so? If so, this is the best investment you can possibly make in your camp. Steve has worked with over 800 summer camps in the last 14 years and while no one has “seen it all”, he certainly has seen a lot. Steve will spend a half day or an entire day at your camp WHILE CAMP IS IN SESSION WITH KIDS! (from breakfast until the end of evening program for overnight camps or from drop off to pick up for day camps) He will observe your staff interacting with kids, your physical plant and the general infrastructure of your camp. He will meet with the admin team and will even meet with your staff to do a motivator if you want.  Your camp will receive a detailed analysis and write from Steve about his observations.  His clients refer to this as “can’t miss” program that pay huge dividends for years to come!


Pre-Season Staff Training: Full and Half Day

'Back to Basics'

In either a half-day program (up to 3 hours) or a full-day program (up to 6 hours) Steve covers the following topics with your staff and much much more . . . goal setting, effective communication with kids, staff and parents, tone and body language interpretation, how to work with difficult campers/staff, team dynamics, team building, safety, customer service, excellent teaching pedagogy, the magic our working at camp and many more . . . Steve’s loyal clients swear by his work to start the summer.


Mid-Summer Slump/Energize Staff Training

Like Caffeine for Your Staff

Bring Steve back to your camp or bring him to your camp for the first time in the middle of the summer. He is exactly the “shot in the arm” that every staff needs to finish the summer strong. He covers similar topics to his pre-season training, but adds in a little more a motivational angle to keep your staff inspired to finish their summer strong!


CIT Training

Counselor In Training (or whatever you call your young leadership program)

The strength of your C.I.T. program will determine the strength of your camp staff in the future. Steve facilitates either a half-day or a full-day young leadership training that is one of the best in the business. He will help your young leaders see how important their work is with kids as well as understand the serious and impactful nature of their work as role models for kids. He does this through his typical high energy and positive approach to leadership.


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