What are people saying about Steve's work?

Great stuff!


"I love the interaction and the role performance with the skit." 

"No BS - 'just tell it' type of presentation which I like. No light fluff . . . all good. Just simple, clear, usable info. Pertinent scenarios and real examples, all take away. Awesome!!" 

"A great speaker! One of the best we have." 

"Had plenty of helpful tactics that I will be applying." 

"Excellent – he gets it." 

"Very entertaining/experienced." 


"Outstanding. Would like to see Steve come for CIT training!" 

"I think he does a GREAT JOB!!! Very interactive and always has new and innovating ideas."

"Love him. So motivating." 

"Awesome. Keeps thing moving, interesting!" 

"Excellent! He is a great speaker and really knows how to keep our attention." 

"Fun guy, great presenter." 

"He spoke very well and explained everything he talked about to make sure we understood what he meant. He was very blunt, open, and honest. He interacts well with everyone and gets everyone involved." 

"Very passionate and excitable. Very interesting material." 

"Fun, open, approachable, informative."


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